Brindle Distillery at Holmes Farm

Our independent distillery is situated on Holmes Farm, nestled in the beautiful landscape of rural Lancashire, in the charming, historical village of Brindle.


Inspired by local legend, Cuckoo Gin has been lovingly handcrafted at Brindle Distillery and made with ingredients that are locally sourced and grown in the fields that surround the distillery building.

Inspired by the Past Dedicated to the Future

Sustainability starts at Holmes Farm and we believe our dear friend Mother Nature would be as proud of our eco-friendly principles as we are.

All of the raw materials that go into making our spirits either come directly from our farm or are locally sourced.

Our natural artesian aquifer, located in a nearby field, delivers fresh, natural spring water to the distillery. This water is used in the distillation of our spirits and also in cooling our still.

To give our spirits their distinctive taste, we use sustainably and ethically sourced botanicals from here in the UK and across the world.

Putting Waste Materials to Good Use on the Farm

Making the most of the natural resources on the farm is a good start but we’ve also made other commitments, such as heating Maggie with renewable energy biomass boilers and putting all waste materials to good use.

Byproducts of the distilling process are fed to our pedigree cattle and free-range chickens and straw from the barley is used for their bedding. We also use the straw in our packaging to keep our bottles safe in transit.

Any natural waste material is composted and spread on our fields to enrich the soil for growing next years grain…

'Maggie' – Our Hand Built Copper Pot Still

Housed in a renovated barn and traditional farm buildings, our distillery is home to Maggie, the latest addition to the Singleton family.

Our delightful yet sophisticated hand-built copper still works alongside her kinsfolk, distilling the very finest in small batch handcrafted spirits.

Maggie is affectionately named after our Great Auntie Margaret, a proud Lancashire lass who enjoyed a glass of good quality gin.

Dedication, Care and Passion - Our Three Most Important Ingredients

From early starts growing crops in our fields to the satisfaction we get writing batch numbers on our bottles – we’re able to oversee the entire process, being hands-on at every stage to create truly artisan spirits made with the kind of dedication, care and passion you’ll only find at Brindle Distillery on Holme’s Farm.