After deciding on our product, we employed the services of our local independent graphic designer and branding expert, Graham Walker from Design by Gray. Graham has worked with us to develop our brand which included the naming of our gin, ‘Cuckoo’, inspired by the fascinating local legend of the Brindle Cuckoo.

Arguably the most important part of this project was the design of the thing the public will see before they even try the product – the bottle!

Important demands of the brief were that the bottle should visually reflect our brand story, as well as being distinctive with a premium feel and easy to use behind a bar.

Graham’s design concept for the bottle features a cuckoo silhouette on a copper foil label in the shape of the sun, to represent the old tradition that the first cuckoo is a sign that spring is around the corner. The bottle is coloured with a blue to clear gradient tint to depict the sky. To complete the scene, a screen-printed silhouette wraps around the bottom of the bottle, giving the effect that the bottle has grown in the fields at Holmes Farm.

To realise the silhouette illustration, we called on family friend, and fellow Brindle Cuckoo, Dorothy Charnley. Born and bred in Brindle, and a friend of the Singleton family for more than 50 years, Dorothy is a talented local artist who has a definitive eye for detail and we were more than happy with the results.

As with the entire process of developing Cuckoo Gin, the bottle design was a collaborative process. We can’t wait to see our colourful design on shop shelves and in alcohol cupboards all over the country very soon.

Graham’s branding and design work can be seen at