Serves 1
50ml Cuckoo Solace Gin
150ml Fever-Tree Indian Tonic
Slice of Grapefruit
Sprig of Rosemary

Begin by chilling a large balloon glass with ice for 5 minutes. Discard this ice and replace with fresh ice to make your drink. Use lots to make sure your ice doesn’t melt. Pour in 50ml of Cuckoo Solace Gin, then top with 150ml of Fever-Tree Indian Tonic. Stir with a garnish of olives, a slice of grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary.

Cuckoo Solace Gin
Solace – comfort in a time of distress – a fitting name for a very special Cuckoo creation. Solace was somewhat of an unwelcomed addition to the portfolio, made after our Liz was diagnosed with cervical cancer in early 2019. Wanting some positivity to come from an otherwise very upsetting situation, we set about doing what we’re good at. Created alongside Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, our special launch event raised £26,000 for the charity in just one night, and continues to raise money and awareness of cervical cancer screening. A savoury gin, double helping of juniper, olives, basil, lemon thyme and a huge citrus kick from fresh grapefruit. Buy here.