How we doin’ Cuckoos!?

Well what a month it has been. We have been mad busy with various different events, projects, collaborations and just general Christmas patter!

Got plenty to tell you about our travels, we have done some amazing things!

We pick up from the last blog and to our first festive event at the Foodies Festival in Tatton Park. Shamefully, I never knew this place existed and I was stunned by how beautiful the place is! Deer everywhere, all sorts of wildlife in this huge park and then a gentle reminder of the world we live in with a huge Emirates A380 flying overhead just about to land at Manchester Airport, it has it all! We had a good 3 days down there with myself, Will and Mark all putting a shift in. Around the same time of this event, we revealed our collaboration with the Blackburn Cathedral and the Cathedra Gin. You may have seen Mark on North West Tonight talking all things Brindle Distillery and Cathedra, we are now ‘As Seen on TV’! The launch of Cathedra has been brilliant, we are really pleased for how well it has been received and Mark and I are chuffed for Blackburn Cathedral, a place which is close to both our hearts.

We then had something a little closer to home with the Chorley Christmas Markets. What a day this was, the support we received from the good folk of Chorley really warmed us up and a freezing cold Sunday. All we were asked was ‘when is the nest open!?’ and we hope to be able to have an answer for that very soon! A big thank you again to the people of Chorley and surrounding area for your support and to the Mayoress for her continued support as well.

What next? Well I’ll tell ya.

The Houses of Parliament. That’s right, I got to go to the Houses of Parliament for Lancashire Day. If you had said 10 years ago ‘Tom, can you just go and represent the company at the home of British politics’ I would have laughed my swede off! But fast forward 10 years and I had the honour of representing Brindle Distillery / Cuckoo Gin on Lancashire Day. I love Lancashire, I am proud to have been born and raised here so it made it extra special for me to be invited to down. There was a wonderful showcase of some great Lancashire companies, along with our friends at Black Powder Gin over in Blackpool and Batch Gin over in Burnley, everyone represented to county proudly. I hope to be invited again one day! MP for Chorley and Deputy Speaker for the House of Commons, Sir Lyndsay Hoyle, was there to show his undying support of Cuckoo Gin. Thanks again Lyndsay, proud to call you our MP.

You may be thinking what the title of this blog means. ‘Hats off, Strangers’ is a sentence you don’t hear often and there is a reason! I was having a wonder round the Palace of Westminster when suddenly, the doors shut behind me and was greeted by a police officer of Adonis-like stature, who said ‘no photos!’ and I was only too quick to oblige. The reason the doors were shut was because John Bercow, Speaker of the House, was entering the commons for the day. This whole precession started and the officer on duty yelled ‘Hats off, Strangers’ at which point all the male police officers removed their hats, but not the women police officers. Why you ask? I’ll be honest, I don’t have a clue. But I think is great, traditions like that make us really unique!

We have had two more collaborations as well as the Cathedra Gin. We have made Leathered Gin, with the guys down in Whalley who make Lanx shoes. They make cracking shoes, seriously, proper proper shoes! Me and Mark and proudly wearing ours as a wright this! We also made King Street Gin for Whalley Wine Shop, made with botanicals hand-picked in Whalley! Both excellent gins, be sure to keep and eye out for those.

THEN, we had the BBC Good Food Show at the NEC in Birmingham. This was a big old shift this. Mark, Cath, Gerrard, Liz, Alice and Will had all had experience last year of this event and they weren’t lying when they told me it’ll be hard work! This year Mark, Will and I were on duty for the week. It was crazy, I’ve never seen a show like it in my life. Food, drink, pots, pans, Lexus’s and cheese oh the cheese was everywhere! We had four long days at it and it was a real success for us. Special mentions to the Pieroth wine guys for well, the wine! Slab Crisps for those god-like crisps they are unreal be sure to check them out! Lotus Biscoff for the biscuits and to Manchester Gin for keeping my spirits up with Wild Spirit, class!

So as you can see, it has been a manic month thus far for us and it doesn’t end yet! We have another Christmas Shopping event at the distillery and a few more events leading up to Christmas. I will be in Selfridges next week for 2 days doing tastings on Friday and Saturday. Then on Sunday you’ll will find us at our favourite farmers market at Hoghton Tower, be sure to come say hello if you are around! This will probably be the last blog of 2018, thank you for all your continued support and we are all really looking forward to 2019. We are fired up and ready to take Brindle Distillery and Cuckoo Gin to the next level!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from everyone at Brindle Distillery!

All’t best,

Tom x