Yes Cuckoo’s!

Sorry it’s taken so long, but we have been really quite busy here in the last couple of weeks. I had a simply lovely week off, recharged and raring to go spreading the righteous Brindle Distillery to the masses! the last two weekends we have found ourselves in Liverpool & Manchester. In Liverpool, we were attending the Gin to my Tonic event at the exhibition centre down on The Docks, right next to the Echo Arena. What a great place The Docks is, was great to spend the weekend there. In Manchester we were with our friends from the Gin Society at the Manchester Cathedral, another great venue! Was nice to be back near my old stomping ground as well, I used to live 5 mins walk from the cathedral!

Liverpool was manic, myself and Mark were well received on all 3 sessions at the event, selling plenty of stock and having some important conversations. Mark had to miss out on Saturday has he had the Jack and Gin Festival to attend. Saturday evening I was joined by our very own William, helping me out with a busy event. He left me in stiches when he described our Spiced Gin to a customer as ‘Fred Dibnah in a bottle this’ haha! The Lancashire onslaught continued as we then said our spirits are filtered through Accy Brick! Important to have laugh when you’re doing these things, we actually enjoy what we do ya see! Especially with the Scousers, they love the craic!

Manchester was another busy event. Last year’s Gin Society at the cathedral was where I first came across Cuckoo and the Singleton/ Long family. I was given a shot of Signature and I confessed I was from the great Blackburn area and learnt that the gin was made just 7 miles from Blackburn’s own Mecca; Ewood Park. Well that was it for me, I knew I had to get involved! One year later and I had the honour and privilege of taking my own masterclass in the cathedral for Cuckoo, funny what can happen in 12 months!

We have had some great listings recently as well. The Seafood Pub Company have reeled us in and are now stocking all three of our gins! Huge support so thank you! we now also have listings further north in Lancaster and Kirkby Lonsdale, we are slowly but surely invading Cumbria and Yorkshire too! Keep an eye our for us on your travels, if you go into a boozer and they don’t have Cuckoo you’ve got to ask why the hell not!? Gin School is up and ready to go so make sure you get on the website and get your date booked in!

Till next time, look after each other.

Tom x