It was around 8pm on Saturday 27th January and it was 6-people deep at our distillery bar, The Cuckoo’s Nest. I said to the lads who were working with me behind the bar, “Well, this is character building! We either sink or swim!” I couldn’t tell you just how proud I was of our team and we all certainly kept on swimming that night.

That Saturday night, we just about supplied a demand that we could never have imagined. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone that came along for a drink! We’re pretty sure the whole of Brindle was present that night, which ensured a true social, community spirit.

Speaking of spirit, you all managed to polish off 20+ bottles of Cuckoo Gin behind the bar, along with some other popular gins from the market! The beer was flowing, admittedly a little slow, and even the red wines took a hammering.

Though our main goal at Brindle Distillery is to produce our wonderful spirits and grow our family business, we would love to continue to open our bar to the public. However, if we are to do this, we know we have a few logistical things to improve on to ensure a smoother service and less congested bar area!

As we open The Cuckoo’s Nest sporadically over the coming months, please bear with us as the nights do tend to become busy, which although leads to an amazing atmosphere, can leave us a tad over run! We’re constantly learning and strive to improve each time.

Here’s to the next one! And maybe we will serve more than the 600+ G&Ts from this memorable Saturday 27th!!!

Thanks again for your constant support and for visiting us down at Brindle Distillery.