Making gin is a science – one we have all grown to love and nurture. Each stage of the creation process needs time, dedication and patience in order to ensure the highest quality product is produced. 

Holmes Farm, the home of the Singleton family since 1930, has transformed from grass land into acres of fields growing barley – the first time in more than 40 years the land has been used for arable purposes. 

And it’s not just a case of planting some seeds and hoping for the best…  

Firstly the field was ploughed to prepare the land for the seedlings. We then cultivated and planted the barley seeds. The land was then rolled to compact the soil on top of the seeds. 

And now we wait… 

In a couple of months, the barley will be ready to combine and send through the brewery to make the alcohol, which will eventually pass through the column of our still, Maggie, to make a neutral spirit. 

Now that’s science we can get on board with!