The Cuckoo Family

Our staff are very much part of our family here at Brindle Distillery, sharing our vision and values in running a sustainable farm to bottle distillery. They deal with everything from distilling our award-winning spirits to crafting cocktails in our bar.

Gerard Singleton

Farmer, father and entrepreneur, Gerard had the original vision to diversify Holmes Farm in Brindle which has been in his family since 1930. With alcohol, and more specifically gin, being a favourite in the drinks market (as well as in his family), the plan to create what would eventually become Brindle Distillery began. He now juggles the running of his working farm with a herd of pedigree cows, a successful landwork business and a distillery! So you will generally find Gerard on a Saturday night enjoying a well earned drink in The Cuckoo’s Nest – whilst still being on hand in case he is called into action!

Cath Singleton

Matriarch of the business and Gerard’s partner in crime, Cath’s main job is to keep Gerard and his endless list of jobs in order! All jokes aside, a sensible business head and the same can-do attitude as Gerard has enabled her business to grow, with extended members of the Cuckoo family needing that approachable, loving and caring help we all need from our Mums. Cath also has the important job of looking after the pennies, because we all know what pennies make…

Mark Long

Mark married well in 2016! Gerard and Cath’s eldest daughter, Liz Singleton, became Liz Long and soon after the wedding, Mark and Gerard set about learning the art of distillation together. With a strong background in the food industry, from production to sales, marketing and buying, Mark put these skills alongside Gerard’s learned trades, to build something truly special together in Brindle. Now creating recipes for the gins and other spirits, and taking on the day-to-day running of the business, Mark thrives off his amazing team at Brindle Distillery and the constant support from our incredible community.

Tomasz Tomiak

A native of Poland, and now a proper Preston lad, cage fighter Tomasz previously worked on the family farm with Gerard for over 5 years, before joining the distillery team and becoming Distillery Manager. Tomasz takes care of spirit production, bottling, distribution and generally keeping the distillery clean and presentable for our tourism events. An unsung hero who ensures the rest of the team have what they need to shine. 

Tom Fitzpatrick

After a chance meeting with Mark and the family at a gin festival in 2017 (followed by some serious stalking of Mark) Tom eventually bagged his dream job! Tom develops our business, both on and off trade, and takes care of our fabulous customers through hosting our Distillery Tours and Workshops at the distillery. Tom has become the face of the Cuckoo brand and with his laid back Lancashire charm, hard graft, and good humour, he has become an asset to the Cuckoo team.

Clare Thornborough

After only a few months of trade, it became very clear how important the role of bookkeeping would be and that we needed a great mind to do the job! Clare joined the business in its infancy and her visits on a Friday are a welcome relief for all. However, Clare doesn’t just do our books; her role is essential in keeping everything and everyone in order with a clear focus and a friendly approach.

Joe Thompson

Joe joined the team in Spring 2021, during lockdown, as our Events and Hospitality manager. A tough start to a job that requires customers to be allowed into a venue! Keen to drive this aspect of our business, Joe has been tasked with hosting our five star rated distillery tours, our make your own gin workshops, our fabulous ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ events and delicious supper clubs with Dinner at Maria’s. Bringing a depth of excellence hospitality experience along with a proper passion for our Lancashire brand, Joe has slotted into the family and takes huge pride making sure our community is looked after!

Nina Jasiecka

If you have ever ordered on our website, it’s highly likely that your gin has been packed by Nina. Nina keeps the wheels turning in our distillery and has a hand in assisting many aspects of what it takes to create Cuckoo Gin and also distribute our award winning products. A great organiser and someone who takes immense pride in their work and helping others within the team, a real asset to our growing business since joining us in April 2021

Hayley Bromley

Hayley first met Mark at a drinks trade show in 2018 where they discovered they both had a similar background in the sales and retail industry. Subsequently, Hayley moved to Brindle in 2019 to start her own family and also joined ours, all in one swift, happy move! It was obvious that Hayley was the perfect fit to help drive Cuckoo into new markets, both in the UK and beyond, including one of her biggest wins; a listing in Australia at the end of 2019. With plenty of drive and passion for our brand, she definitely keeps the Cuckoo ball rolling.

Bar & Events Team

Our bar and events team is made up of some cracking young talent who are all local to the distillery and an important part of the Brindle Distillery family. These include; Singleton family members William and Alice, Mel, Old Jack, New Jack, Little Will, Adrianna, Niamh, David, Ana, Chloe, Elizabeth, Ben 10, Ben, Fin, New Niamh, Jennifer, Rebecca, Alicia and Jai. They all work extremely hard to make sure your visit to Brindle Distillery is a warm, friendly and memorable one.