Cathedra Gin



A wonderful link up with the Dean from our local Cathedral in Blackburn. The aim of this project is to raise money for the Cathedral.

Cathedra Gin is inspired by the fascinating history and heritage of England’s cathedrals.

Distilled and bottled in small batches, our craft gin takes its name from another example of exquisite craftsmanship, the CATHEDRA, or Bishop’s Throne, which gives a church building its cathedral status.

Handcrafted at Brindle Distillery, Lancashire, England. Cathedra Gin is distilled with fresh spring water and infused with juniper, orange, elderflower, almond and vanilla to give a deliciously smooth taste.

Please drink responsibly.

Delivery by courier 2-3 days.

Delivery to UK mainland only. International shipping coming soon.

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