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Are you missing a cocktail in The Nest? Well, let us bring it to the comfort of your homes! Normally you’d be able to enjoy one of our Cuckoo Cocktails  in the distillery, but giving we aren’t allowed out at the moment, we are making good use of our Cask Aged Gin range and batching up a few of our favourite cocktail blends for you to enjoy at home. Introducing, The Cuckoo Cocktail Club (from home), a 700ml bottle of pre-batched cocktail heaven.

Negroni 29% abv

Sunshine Cask Aged
Red Vermouth

Method: Pour 100ml of cocktail into rocks glass, add ice and orange peel and enjoy!

Makes 7 and a bit cocktails!

Old Fashioned 29.7 % abv

Spiced Cask Aged
Angostura Bitters

Method: Shake bottle to ensure sugar is separated. Pour 75ml of cocktail into rocks glass. Add 6-8 good sized ice cubes, stir for at least one minute. Add orange peel, sit back and enjoy!

Makes around 8-9 cocktails!

Manhattan 29.9 % abv

Signature Cask Aged
Red Vermouth
Orange Bitters

Method: Pour 75ml of cocktail into rocks glass. Add 6-8 good sized ice cubes and stir for one minute. Strain without ice into posh glass. Bon Appetite!

Makes around 8-9 cocktails!

Delivery by courier 2-3 days.

Delivery to UK mainland only. International shipping coming soon.


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I'll have :

Cask Aged Signature Manhattan, Cask Aged Spiced Old Fashioned, Cask Aged Sunshine Negroni



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