Christmas is over. New Year has been and gone. All that’s left is a pile of sorry-looking boxes and leftover Turkey.

Let’s face it, January is not the time to quit drinking.

We may be biased, but here are three sensible reasons why dry January should be banished.

The weather is miserable

Statistically, January and February are the coldest months. That’s all well and good if you’re skiing in the Alps or husky-sledding in Finland. If you’re working 40+ hours a week with people you don’t even like then the prospect is less inviting.

Plus, it’s dark. Mornings are dark. Evenings are dark. Even the bit in between is grim.

Now consider that same scenario but with a glass of [this magnificent little number]. Feet up, fire on, sip and relax. Bliss!

You’re on a diet

Diets are miserable enough. They don’t need any help. Cut out alcohol and you could end up going postal.

In fact, research shows that drinking gin could actually be good for you (in moderation, obviously). Not only is it a low-calorie spirit, juniper berries (which go into our wonderful gin) are considered to be a superfood. They can improve blood circulation, prevent heart disease and help fight infection, kidney and liver disease.

We’ll drink to that!

Alcohol is miraculous

As well as having health benefits, Jesus’ very first miracle was turning water into wine. What a guy! If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for us.

Of course, if we’d been knocking around back then, we’d like to think that maybe they would have all been drinking our fantastic new spiced gin – perfect for long nights in front of the fire.

Fancy trying some of our amazing gin first? Visit our distillery bar and experience a taste sensation. We’re open on January 13 and 27

Goodbye dry January, hello dry gin-uary.