Hello Cuckoo’s!

Welcome to the first edition of the new on the road blog brought to you by Tom! These little paragraphs are to basically keep you up to date with what we get up to outside of Brindle and how we are driving the brand forward!

This week I find myself in Canterbury, Kent, one of the most historic cities in our country and the hub of Christianity for Britain! It’s my first time this far down south and I have to say I’ve had a lovely welcome so far. It’s nowt like up north, not a huge gin scene down here I’ve found out but definitely up and coming.

We are at the Gin Society Festival at Westgate Hall, I had to drive through a really narrow old castle gate to get to it and was greeted by an anti-trump protest, not what I needed after a near 7 hour drive! Wonder if Trump has ever tried Cuckoo? I think he needs a bit of Sunshine in his life! The first night of the Gin Society went really well for us, lot’s of people discussing who the new gin in town was and after my masterclass where I told the story of Cuckoo, a few people went home with their own bottle of Lancashire! On to day two now, the north love of us and the south are close behind! Tickets are still available and can be purchased here¬†http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-gin-society-festival-canterbury-2018-tickets-39221215712 or available on the door! Thank you for reading volume number one, I promise they will get funnier!

Take care